About us


ARN Racing has operated as bespoke motorcycle suit manufacturers since 2003. Our product range includes leather products such as one and two-piece leathers, motorcycle gloves, and a wide range of rider jackets.

ARN Racing is working hard to maintain its reputation as one of the most reliable and leading motorcycle apparel outlets in the UK. A variety of leather products for motorcycle riders are available on our website. All at competitive prices with fast delivery. We believe in low cost with no compromise on safety and comfort.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and reflecting the trends in motorcycle gear with safety and comfort our top priorities.

Road & track glove manufacture

Our factory-trained glove technicians have an abundance of experience and stay up to date with the latest in glove construction and materials.

Bespoke leather suits

We make our motorcycle suits are from top quality cowhide leather. Using the best in anti-abrasion techniques and materials

Leather & Textile Motorcycle Jackets

We have a wide range of off-the-peg leather and textile jackets to suit road riders. Constructed from top quality hides – your style, comfort and safety are assured.


The craft of creating quality leather goods has been handed down from one generation to another. Processing, dying, and stitching leather to make a good range of durable products is what we have done for decades.

Starting New Era For Customized Biker Wears

Significant value addition to our traditional leather wear manufacturing took place when the best and the brightest of motorcycle racing technology teamed up with our skills to create professional motorcycle gear.

A Decade Full of Enhancements

As a result of countless efforts of skilled professionals, and the hard-working team over the span of a decade, ARN Racing proved to be a perfect infusion of technology and tradition for the bikers.

Providing the Maximum in Your Hands Today

Today ARN Racing makes some of the most elegant and customized motorcycle wear, using the finest materials, in consultation with the bikers and riders.

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