How Should A Motorcycle Jacket Fit On A Woman?

How Should A Motorcycle Jacket Fit On A Woman?

It’s important to get a well-fitted motorcycle jacket for women to be comfortable and enjoy the trip. It not only makes a woman stylish, but it’s also crucial to keep you as safe as possible in an accident. No doubt, it isn’t easy to find the perfect gear for women. We’re also aware that it’s crucial to wear clothing that compliments your individual style and way of life. Finding clothing that suits your body and style is even more difficult and occasionally almost impossible.

Motorcycle Jacket Fit On A Woman

Your jacket should be comfortable while riding your motorcycle, not when walking around, sitting on a sofa or standing. So, it is better to check it by sitting on your motorcycle in your jacket before going for a ride. Let’s get deeper into the details!

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Before diving deeper, it’s good to be aware of the tips by the professionals. Check out the three primary tips below:

The Fit

The most crucial aspect of selecting the ideal motor jacket is the fit. If it’s excessively enormous, you might look much bigger than you actually are. Believe me; nobody likes that. Finding the appropriate fit is crucial since wearing something too tiny might create the impression that you are larger than you actually are and make you look out of proportion. You must try the jacket on to determine if it fits you properly; it should feel snug in the shoulders but not constrictive in any manner. Make sure to layer your jacket with the type of shirt you want to wear the most.

The sleeves of your jackets should be just above thumb knuckles. Additionally, you should check how it appears from the backside to ensure that the shoulders and waist are the proper sizes. I hope that makes sense. One way to check if it fits you in the shoulders is to lean against a wall sideways and ensure the jacket’s shoulder doesn’t strike the wall before you do. In conclusion, you can always ask your tailor if a jacket fits you properly if you’re unsure. A professional tailor can guide you on whether a jacket fits you properly or not.

Material of The Jacket

The type of material, like leather, suede, or synthetic leather, used in a jacket will determine whether it looks expensive or cheap. A jacket need not seem costly or inexpensive just because it is expensive or inexpensive; rather, it should look good.

Just be aware of what to look for. Avoid buying leather, real or fake, if it appears plastic-like, is too polished, or feels stiff and unyielding. Nobody wants to stroll around in an unpleasant jacket, not just because it will appear cheap but also because it won’t be comfy.

Style of The Jacket

The style of the jacket should be according to your taste. When you are comfortable in a jacket, you will eventually look good. There are plenty of motorcycle jacket styles for women, such as American-style jackets, race jackets, European style, Cruiser, street style etc. Regardless of your style and type, make sure it fits you properly, and you must feel comfortable and stylish.

How A Jacket Should Fit

The fit is the most significant aspect when picking the right jacket. Finding the right fit is crucial because if it’s too big, it will make you appear too boxy. If it’s too little, it will give the impression that your physique is disproportionate.

Slim and Proper Fit

You should try the jacket on to see if it fits you well. Your shoulders should feel nice in it, but not at all tight. It is advised to try on the jacket with the type of layers you will be wearing while riding.

Sleeves and Length of The Jacket

It’s a good idea to check how the jacket looks from the back to ensure it isn’t too wide or small across the waist or shoulders. The sleeves should fall just below the wrist. Sleeves should be too long or too short, or else it will look like you have borrowed it.


Get a jacket with a zipper that elegantly reaches your throat. Specifically, riding at high speed can help the jacket stay snug and secure. Suppose a jacket has an adjustable waist, sleeves, collar and cuffs; what else do you want in a jacket? You can adjust it according to your fit and comfort level.

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Taking proper measurements is the most important step in buying a motorcycle jacket. Here are some major measurements:

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First, take the measurements of your shoulders. Your leather jacket’s shoulders shouldn’t be too snug or too loose. Put on a jacket that you already own and fits you well. With the help of a measuring tape, measure the distance between the stitches on the right and left shoulders and note down your measurements.


Choosing the appropriate sleeve length is essential when we talk about a jacket that looks elegant and faultless. Place your palm on your hip and gently bend your arm. Start measuring from the middle of the back of your neck all the way down your arm to the wrist.

Waist and Bust

Next, take a straight position and relax your arms. Measurements should be taken while gently wrapping a measuring tape around the bust’s fullest area. Make careful to measure from the broadest section while doing the same for your waist and hips.

Length of the jacket

Now, it is time to measure the length of the jacket. It will not look good if it is too short or too long. To measure the length, place the measuring tape at the top of your shoulder, pull it down to the top of your thigh, roughly where the bottom of your belt would lie. Take the measurement to determine the optimum length for your leather jacket.


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In recent decades, women’s jackets, especially leather jackets, have established a strong reputation in the fashion world. The fact that designs and fashions are constantly evolving keeps women attached to the jacket since it is the only article of clothing that goes with every style of female wearing. Therefore, always choose the right fitted jacket for yourself so you can ride comfortably.