What to Pack for a Three Days Bike Ride?

To continue progressing and improving your fitness, you should ride your bike every two to three days. Even if it’s only for a short turbo trainer workout. Three rides per week are the minimum that will result in significant fitness gains for everyone. Nonetheless, it’s also important to know what should you bring on a Three-Day Bike Ride. Don’t want to lug a heavy bag around? Here are twelve essential items to bring when riding a bike that won’t weigh you down. Let’s begin!

what to pack for a three days bike ride?



  • Camping supplies

You can stay in huts, bike hotels, or build your camp on multi-day tours. If you decide to camp, you will require additional equipment such as a tent or tarp, sleeping bag, sleeping mat or hammock, and something to cook food i.e., packable camping stoves with lightweight kitchenware. Bring your sleeping bag or a liner if you stay in an alpine hut.

  • Food and Water

It’s never fun to run out of gas on the highway. It’s a good idea to bring some gels, bars and chews with you on your ride. Also, don’t forget to bring water to stay hydrated. You should drink at least one small water bottle for every hour of exercise, depending on the weather, your effort, and your body’s requirements.

  • Sun Screen

Protecting yourself from harmful UV rays is critical, whether raining, hailing, or shining. When going on a bike ride, especially during the summer, apply sunscreen. Moreover, wearing hat and sunglasses also useful to protect yourself from the sunlight.

  • Mini first-aid Kit

It is always better to be safe than sorry. That’s why you should always ride with a first aid kit. We’ve compiled a list of ten items to keep in your first-aid kit such as bandage, spirit, and more. A first aid kit is useful not only for any accidents that may occur but also in case you come across any injured cyclists.

  • Electrolyte Drinks and Energy Snacks

Who doesn’t enjoy a tasty treat? I think everyone likes to enjoy. A snack is essential to pack on a long bike ride to maintain energy level. Bananas are the best snacks for a bike ride! Their potassium and carbohydrates, as well as a trail mix or some energy bars, are excellent for fueling your muscles.

While not ideal, energy drinks can help replenish electrolytes lost through sweat. The advantage of bringing snacks is that they don’t take up much space and are quick and easy to eat. They’ll make you back up quickly and riding in no time!

  • Mini Inflator or Pump

Carrying a pump in your bag may seem counterintuitive, but they are essential for any long bike ride. A flat tire can occur anytime anywhere, and you should be prepared if it does. A mini bike pump or inflator is small enough to fit in your pocket and can be clipped to your bottle cage. Keep in mind: don’t bring a pump unless you know how to use it.

  • Cell Phone, Cash, Credit card, and Identification

Consider these items to be your survival kit. In the worst-case scenario, this is all you’ll need. Always keep a phone handy. You’ll need cash, a credit card, and your ID. The Bontrager Pro Ride Wallet is a sleek, waterproof case that fits perfectly in a jersey pocket and is made of high-quality materials. This keeps these valuables dry and safe from the elements.

  • Patch Kit

A patch kit is one of those accessories you never think you’ll need until you do. These are useful if your bicycle’s tubes sustain damage that requires a quick repair. It contains the essentials, such as adhesive and a couple of patches, to repair your puncture for the ride home. However, it is best to replace a punctured bike tube when possible.

  • Headlight

Make yourself visible on the road by wearing a headlight, especially at nighttime. Riding on the road can be dangerous at night on poorly lit roads, so make sure everything is visible. Not only that, but a headlight can assist you in seeing the road at night to avoid obstacles or rough terrain. They can be attached to your helmet and come in a variety of strengths, so choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • Warm Clothes

Nothing makes a good ride worse than getting cold and wet. What you pack for extra clothing depends on the season and where you live, but if there’s a chance of rain or cooler weather on your ride, bring arm warmers, gloves, a vest, leather suits or a rain jacket. All of these items are small and easy to transport, and you’ll be glad you have them if you need them.

  • Bike Accessories and Protection Are Essential

Before embarking on multi-day tours, have your bike serviced by a professional at your local bike shop, who will inspect your bike and service your forks and shocks. Set up your shifter correctly and your brakes in a comfortable position, so you don’t have to do any or as few repairs on your bike along the way. If you are passing through towns, look for local bike shops and write down their hours of operation; you may need their assistance at some point. And make sure your saddle is your best friend; otherwise, things can quickly become uncomfortable.

  • Personal items

Personal item list will be filled with small but extremely useful gadgets and equipment. Make sure you have everything you need for safety, including a first-aid kit, a cell phone, money, a credit card, an ID, emergency information, maps, and a GPS device. Plan how you will charge your electronic devices along the way, whether with solar chargers or if you have access to electricity at some point. Don’t forget to bring some good sunglasses.

Aside from that, you’ll need the following items for off-bike use: a packable towel, toiletries, a dry bag for rainy days to keep the rest of your clothes dry, and off-the-bike clothing and footwear (flip flops or slippers will do). Bring enough sunscreen, chamois cream, and insect repellent to protect your skin from irritation.



To be honest, biking has been my favourite sport since I can remember. I can’t compare the sense of freedom it gives me to anything else I’ve done or experienced. However, don’t ride a bike without these essentials; otherwise, a serious issue may occur. Cross-check the list before leaving for the ride and enjoy your 3-day tour.